US Boba Company
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Our small-batch boba is proudly and lovingly made in Hayward, California.




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Food is powerful because it has the unique influence of transporting you back to a place, a time, and even a feeling. It’s the creamy mac and cheese your mom made when you were sick. It’s the warm, butter cookies just coming out of the oven. It’s the sweet and chewy boba enjoyed after school with your closest friends. 

What’s even more powerful though is the connection food brings. It’s both the unforgettable memories created when cooking together as much as it is holding on to the love and generosity felt when someone cooks for you. 

When we started Boba Guys, we just wanted to cook for you, and share our love for boba. Now, 7 years later, we want to keep on cooking for you, but this time, with our own boba.

We know it sounds ambitious, and we knew we couldn't do it ourselves. That's why we teamed up with Fanale and Kona-San to form U.S. Boba Company.

The U.S. Boba Company is the first company in the world to make our own boba outside of Taiwan, and we are doing it because nothing tastes better, or feels as genuine, than homemade. 

Boba lovers - our kitchen just got a little bigger.




It all starts with starch 

The starch used to make boba comes from the cassava plant (or the tapioca plant). After cassava plants are harvested, their roots are finely mashed into a flour.


It then really starts with us

The tapioca flour then gets mixed with a unique sugar blend and thickened with water. Our specialized machines then knead it into a non-sticky dough. 


It then becomes your beloved boba

Once kneaded, another specialized machine flattens the sweet tapioca dough, to then shape it into perfectly round pearls. 


we put care, thought and an immense

amount of love into every aspect

of our Boba.


Why it Matters

Originating in Taiwan, what started as a localized treat quickly turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Over the years, boba made its way to all parts of the world - but despite it's expansion, boba was still only being manufactured in Taiwan. This means preservatives. This means a lack of transparency. This means no control over quality. 

We wanted to change that because food is our craft, and we only believe in giving you next level quality. We flipped the boba industry on its head with Boba Guys when we turned powders into premium loose leaf teas, and artificial syrup pumps into housemade purées. Now, in being the very first company outside of Taiwan to be able to manufacture boba, we're changing the industry once again.

This means no preservatives. This means complete transparency in what goes into our boba. This means nothing less than next level quality boba.